Transcript Request Form

This form is for requesting a transcript from Daniel Webster College. Fill in the requested information, print the form, sign the form, and then mail to Registrar's Office, 20 University Dr., Nashua, NH  03063, or FAX it to 603-577-6578.

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Student ID:   Phone Number:

Mailing Address:
Dates of Attendance:      Check here if transcript is for scholarship
Date of Birth:  
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Mail Transcripts to:

No transcripts will be sent if your financial obligations to the College have not been met. Transcripts are available at no charge.

Official copies may be sent to you if requested. They will be in a sealed envelope and state "Issued to Student". Breaking the seal of the envelope will make the transcript unofficial.

Your written release for transcripts is required. Please sign your name in the space provided.

Signature:  ____________________________________________________

The College is not responsible for loss of transcripts once they leave our office.